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Digital Diary is a tool to write your diaries every day without needing to write your stuff in text files. Also it comes with great features which help you to organize your time, minimize your effort and remember your best memories audibly and visually.

Digital Diary main features:

- Create your account to start recording your diaries by writing or by recording your voice with every page in the diary.
- Read the latest news with Digital Diary RSS.
- Record your friends' info with Digital Diary Contacts.
- Send e-mails using Digital Diary Mailer.
- Create your photo gallery with Digital Diary Gallery, and make it secured from being viewed by others.
- Use Digital Diary Reminder to remember your appointments, meetings and even your contacts´┐Ż birthdays.
- Add the important text from your clipboard to Digital Diary by using HyperClipboard feature.
- Digital Diary Account Upgrader feature which upgrades your old account of old versions of Digital Diary to the new version without needing to create a new account. Also you can import records from other accounts to the current account by using this feature.
- A high security system which protect your diaries from being stolen. After you finish working on the program, your pages automatically encrypted and when someone tries to read your file he/she will find random codes.
- Your files are only decrypted when you login to the program, be sure that you exit the program or click switch user after finishing work on the program.
- Create contents and child contents with the ability to add description and icon for each one.
- Create unlimited pages for each content.
- You can search in your diary by using advanced search engine or by exploring the index of your diary.
- Organize your diary by changing your fonts, colors and size; add emotions and images to your diary.
- You can write your diaries by your voice using Speech Recognition Feature.
- Other cool features, just find out.

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Editors called it:
"a convenient multifunctional tool for keeping diaries"
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Minimum system requirements

- 800 MHZ Pentium 3 CPU
- 128 MB RAM
- 20 MB free space on hard disk

- Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
- Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (Not required in Windows Vista/7)
- Microsoft SAPI 5.1 (Optional - For using Speech Recognition)


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Support & FAQ

If you found any errors, bugs or you have any ideas or opinions,  please contact us at: support@infradrive.com, or you can post it on our online community forum through Digital Diary Bugs & Problems thread.


Digital Diary is 15 days trial, you can download a fully features copy from our downloads page.

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