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Version 4.6
- Added: Create child contents.
- Added: Move selected content to a specific path.
- Added: "Include child contents" checkbox to search for child contents.
- Added: Print all pages for selected content or for the entire diary.
- Added: Option to show "Creation time" and "Last update" for each printed page.
- Added: Reminders for contacts' birthdays.
- Added: Check which type of records you want to import using Digital Diary Upgrader.
- Added: You can add custom images for contents in bmp, ico, jpg, jpeg, png formats.
- Fixed: When you login, wrong username doesn't change the avatar.
- Fixed: You can't add spaces with Tab button while writing in the diary.
- Fixed: Editing RSS feed link wasn't working.
- Fixed: Unicode characters wasn't shown correctly in Digital Diary RSS.
- Improved: No content name restriction, you can create contents with same name.
- Improved: Major tweaks in managing diary contents.
- Improved: Major tweaks and improvements in the tree list.
- Improved: Major tweaks in the search engine.
- Change: "Save" button in RSS Options changed to "Edit" button.
- Removed: "List Icons" folder, it became useless after adding custom content image feature.

Version 4.4
- Added: Digital Diary Islamic Prayers Reminder.
- Added: Insert Special characters.
- Added: Creation time for each page in the diary.
- Added: InfraDrive Reporting Service.
- Fixed: Error may occur while duplicating content.
- Fixed: Error may occur while deleting page.
- Fixed: The avatar at login doesn't change if there is no photo assigned for the account.
- Fixed: Correct content icons may not shown in the diary.
- Fixed: In contacts form, birthday should be an option.
- Fixed: In the reminder content, URLs should be clickable.
- Fixed: Incorrect text transfer from diary page to Digital Diary Mailer.
- Improved: Contents list can be scrolled without focusing if mouse cursor over it.
- Improved: Major tweaks in Digital Diary Contacts and loading diary pages.
- Improved: Major tweaks and fixes in the search engine.
- Improved: Minor improvements in Digital Diary RSS.
- Improved: Minor tweaks and fixes in the contents list.
- Improved: Minor GUI changes in the Main window.
- Change: Content's name must accept single line only.

Version 4.2
- Added: Record your voice with every page in your diary.
- Added: "Remeber me" and "Remember my password" checkboxes in the login form.
- Added: "Insert text/Image from file" items in "Insert" menu.
- Added: New activation type in Digital Diary Reminder, "Activate every day".
- Added: The ability to set activation time for any reminder.
- Added: Reminder Options in the Login window.
- Added: Major improvments in inserting bullets with the ability to choose bullet type and style.
- Added: Play recorded voice automatically when opening a page (Options).
- Added: The ability to change background color of each page in the diary.
- Added: Select default background color and font color for diary pages (Options).
- Added: "Page Setup" for modifying printing settings.
- Added: Sorting Contacts records alphabetically in ascending or descending order.
- Added: Print button in Digital Diary RSS to print html pages.
- Added: Many menu items for the main window menu and for system tray icon menu.
- Fixed: Error occurs when creating contents that has apostrophe in its name or description.
- Fixed: After adding new content (or editing), contents list should resorted if sorting contents was enabled.
- Fixed: Critical bug may occur while browsing emotions.
- Fixed: User account photo is now saved in user's data file.
- Fixed: Removing user account photo using "Clear" button may not work.
- Fixed: The color combobox of the selected text in diary pages doesn't equal the correct font color when changing current page.
- Fixed: Edit and Delete buttons don't get disabled if there is no matches found in Contacts records.
- Fixed: Save and Delete buttons don't get enabled if there is Gallery records found in Options window (Gallery tab).
- "Contents list" tab in Options windows changed to "Appearance".
- System startup options are added in Login window and removed from Options window.
- Major improvements in printing diary pages.
- Major GUI changes in Login and Reminder windows.
- Minor tweaks in saving and loading diary data.
- Minor tweaks in browsing RSS feeds.
- Digital Diary Help updated (Reminder-Voice Recording-Upgrader-Main buttons).

Version 4.0
- Added: Send e-mails using Digital Diary Mailer.
- Added: Insert bullets, images and emotions to diary pages.
- Added: Getting version of the backup file in Digital Diary upgrader.
- Added: SMTP sever records can be imported from other Digital Diary account using Digital Diary upgrader.
- Added: Scrolling using mouse wheel in contents list.
- Added: Sorting contents list alphabetically in ascending or descending order.
- Added: Zooming and Invert colors in Digital Diary Gallery.
- Added: Save your work when selected page or content changes (Options).
- Added: Force to use a specific font (Options).
- Fixed: Critical bug may appear while creating new user, logging or opening options.
- Fixed: Scrolling in contents list.
- Fixed: RSS dialog sometimes wasn't show up in the top of other opened windows.
- Fixed: Minimum window size for Help window.
- Fixed: Icons alpha appearance on Windows Vista.
- Fixed: Saving images in Digital Diary Gallery with names contain apostrophe.
- Sending e-mails from Contacts section using Digital Diary Mailer.
- Tweaks in Digital Diary RSS.
- Tweaks in the contents list.
- Resizing Digital Diary RSS window with minmum window size.
- Saving text as binary.
- Major tweaks in the text editor.
- Digital Diary Help updated (Mailer-Gallery).

Version 3.7
- Added: Digital Diary Color Picker.
- Added: Activate reminder (specific date/day or every month/year).
- Added: Drag text files into richtextbox.
- Added: The ability to import digital diary reminders by using Digital Diary Upgrader.
- Added: Choose which type of records to import in Digital Diary Upgrader.
- Added: "Replace" / "Replace all" buttons in the Search window.
- Added: Searching results can be viewed one by one not page by page.
- Added: Scan monitored RSS feeds manually (new item in the tray menu).
- Added: Vertical spliter between pages panel and (Contents - Profile info.) panel.
- Added: Horizontal spliter between Contents panel and Profile info. panel.
- Added: 3 buttons for Collapsing right/left panels or show both panels.
- Added: Auto backup your account (Options).
- Added: Check for updates with system startup (Options).
- Added: The ability to reset your account to its initial state (Options).
- Added: View and Insert menus.
- Added: "Loading" splash.
- Fixed: Search window was shown as dialogue which prevents you to work on your diary while searching.
- Fixed: When you open search window, the diary textbox loses the selected text.
- Fixed: In the RSS balloon window, you may wait long time to open an entry link into your browser.
- Fixed: Bug in selecting font color (losing settings).
- Fixed: Minimum size for the main window.
- Fixed: Monitor button caption in RSS Options wasn't changing when you select an already monitored RSS feed.
- Fixed: Flicker in the fade effect.
- Minor changes in Digital Diary Contacts.
- Major changes in Reminder startup window GUI.
- Serializing error messages.

Version 3.5
- Added: Open Digital Diary with windows startup (Options).
- Added: The ability to capture a photo from a camera(webcam).
- Added: First / Last Page (buttons) for faster diary browsing.
- Added: Button to open color dialogue to select if you want to select other colors.
- Added: Tool tips in Options Window.
- Added: Montoring RSS links for new enteries with the ability to Log it in a file and play sound if new enteries were found.
- Added: New options in RSS Tab.
- Added: Button to insert text from file to the current page.
- Added: Button to send e-mails via Outlook in the Contacts window.
- Fixed: Links in RichTextBoxes are now clickable to open your default browser.
- Fixed: RSS Reader now supports unicode formats.
- Fixed: When restoring Main window from system tray icon, it loses its settings if it was Maximized.
- Removed: "Enable System styles" in "Content list" Options as it causes some errors on some operating systems.
- Some tweaks in Digital Diary Reminder.

Version 3.3
- Added: Undo/Redo Buttons.
- Added: Left/Center/Right Alignment Buttons.
- Added: "Auto Save" Option, "Main window start position" Option in new tab called "General".
- Added: Print page Button.
- Added: MenuStrip for the main window with Shortcuts.
- Added: Balloon tips for HyperClipboard.
- Added: Digital Diary Help.
- Added: Total pages of the content.
- Added: "Auto Insert" checkbox in HyperClipboard.
- Fixed: Remove button in HyperClipboard.
- Fixed: Bug in restoring old accounts.
- Fixed: Delete button in RSS Options.
- The main window can be maximized or resized.
- You can write your diaries by using speech recognition.
- Save pages as RTF/Doc/TXT Formates.
- Improvements in Digital Diary Contacts.
- Improvements in Digital Diary Upgrader.
- Minor changes in Graphic User Interface.

Version 3.1
- Digital Diary Gallery feature added, Now you can save your photos in your account.
- Digital Diary Contacts featrue added, Now you can add telephone and cell phone numbers, photos, e-mails ...etc for any person you know in your account.
- Digital Diary RSS Feeder feature added, You can find the latest news without opening your browser. (Internet connection required)
- Restore and backup your account.
- Major changes in Graphic User Interface.
- Reminders added in the Login window.
- Account photo added.
- Some bugs fixed.

Version 2.7
- "Insert" & "Remove" buttons added in HyperClipboard window.
- Some upgrades in contents list, you can now add description and icon or image for each content.
- Digital Diary Account Upgrader feature which upgrades your old account of old versions of Digital Diary to the new version without needing to create a new account. Also you can import records from other accounts to the current account by using this feature.
- Slight changes in user interface.
- Bugs fixed in Search, Digital Diary Reminder and Options windows.

Version 2.5
- Organize your diary by changing your fonts, colours and size.
- Use Digital Diary Reminder to remember you appointments and meetings.
- Attractive buttons and interface added.
- Little bugs fixed.

Version 2.0
- Create your account to start recording your diaries.
- A high security system which protect your diaries from being stolen. After you finish working on the program, your pages automatically encrypted and when someone try to read your file he/she will find random codes.
- Your files are only decrypted when you login the program, be sure that you exit the program or click switch user after finishing work on the program.
- Digital Diary helps you in making topics for your diaries so you can explore your diaries fast, also you can delete your topics or rename it.
- You can add the important text which is in your clipboard to Digital Diary by using HyperClipboard feature.
- You can search in your diary by using advanced search engine or by exploring the index of your diary.
- Security bug fixed in users login.

Version 1.2
- Encryption engine become very fast than previous version, it has the feature of encrypting and decrypting page by page.
- Bug fixed (you can't create a content without name.)
- Triming the page from spaces after saving.
- Digital Diary Ver. 1.2 become very stable, you don't need to back up your account or profile file because the encryption engine upgraded and doesn't make any faults while encrypting or decrypting.

Version 1.0
- Initial release.

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