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Version 2.3
- Added: Support to play, record and share RSS feeds through TTS engine.
- Added: InfraDrive Moderator Section.
- Fixed: Updating stations leads to duplicating url on the online database.
- Fixed: Playing or sharing stream that doesn't exist may leads to application crash.
- Fixed: When you stop recording Podcast, the record dialog will show up again!
- Fixed: Playing incorrect Podcast URL leads to application failure.
- Fixed: Incorrectly parsing stations names that contains unicode characters.
- Fixed: Edit selected station button should be disabled if there is no added URL.
- Improved: Major tweaks in loading stations from local database.
- Improved: Major tweaks in managing online stations and messages.
- Improved: Minor changes in voice mode to read pressed letters in textboxes.
- Improved: Use left and right arrows in voice mode to read letters in textboxes.
- Improved: Minor changes and tweaks in sharing stations to support sharing RSS feeds.
- Improved: Minor tweaks in InfraDrive Update Service.
- Removed: "Keep on top" option, it's useless and causes trouble with message boxes.

Version 2.2
- Added: Support to play and record Podcasts.
- Added: Message bar, send messages regarding any stations to other Mozekty users.
- Added: One time dialog that asks users whether to enable or disable voice mode.
- Added: S|P button, to show streams or podcasts or both.
- Added: Voice icon to enable or disable voice.
- Fixed: Playing incorrect .PLS structure leads to program failure.
- Fixed: Sharing .PLS link if it contains any working stream.
- Fixed: Test all streams in .PLS link before playing another stream.
- Fixed: Capitalizing letters of stream links may not play or share the stream.
- Fixed: Error occurs when there is no website for a selected station.
- Fixed: The apostrophe bug when you save it to the database.
- Fixed: Error occurs with Mozekty startup if there are no records.
- Fixed: Don't share stream that already exists.
- Fixed: Dialog box must show up if the application is closing while recording station.
- Fixed: Application fails to bypass Vista UAC.
- Improved: Major tweaks in getting stations from local and online database.
- Improved: Major tweaks in sharing stations to the online database.
- Improved: Minor fixes and tweaks in Voice mode.
- Change: "Format" category changed to "Genre".

Version 2.0
- Added: Record and save your streams.
- Added: Create favourite stations for faster browsing.
- Added: Share your stations to the online server.
- Added: TTS voice speed and voice volume.
- Added: "Search from beginning" - "Search for any matches" button.
- Added: The ability to add multiple streams for single station.
- Added: Support .PLS (Winamp Playlist) streams.
- Added: "Open URL" menu item added to tray icon menu.
- Added: InfraDrive Reporting Service
- Improved: Search engine became more advanced and faster.
- Improved: Stations are now sorted alphabetically by default.
- Improved: When updating, you get the number of stations which found on the online server.
- Improved: Major changes in application GUI.
- Improved: GUI engines tweaked.
- Removed: "Disconnect" menu item. "Play/Stop" menu item does the same job.

Version 1.2
- Added: Controls menu.
- Added: Voice mode feature.
- Added: Choose character voice.
- Fixed: Alt + F4 bug.
- Fixed: Reset all settings.
- Improved: Minor tweaks in saving user settings.

Version 1.0
- Initial release.

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